The Most Inspiring Female Characters In TV Shows5. Lorelai Gilmore, Gilmore Girls Where do we even start with Gilmore Girls?

March 31, 2017
When growing up we all look for role models. Some of us find them in family members and friends, others find their heroes in TV show characters. And when people offhandedly say “oh it’s just a silly TV show” about our favorite show we often get quite defensive and rightly so. It’s from those “silly TV shows” that we learn how to deal with life, overcome struggles, find our passions in life and figure out who we are as a person. Never underestimate the power of a TV shows, they shape entire generations. And today we’re going to take a look at some amazing female characters in TV shows that shaped us into the glorious women we are today.
1. Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Where would we be today without Buffy? It’s a miracle that show even got made in the 90s, seeing how most shows back then had mostly male leads. It was the first show of it’s kind. Buffy, a blonde teenage girl who’s a regular high school girl by day and a vampire slayer by night. Buffy showed us that girls can be strong, and not just in terms of physical strength (boy did she kick some demon butts), but also emotionally strong, able to deal with anything life throws at them, be it horrible monsters from the Hell-mouth or math exams. She wasn’t perfect either, she a fair share of flaws and she made quite a few mistakes and wrong choices, but you know what? In the end – she slayed!

2. Xena, Xena: Warrior Princess
Who would’ve thought to combine the words warrior and princess in this way before Xana, am I right? This show was life changing. Xena showed us that just because you’re a princess, doesn’t mean you can’t be a great warrior. Her fighting skills, strong physique and sense of humor made for a great show and a new kind of role model for girls.

3. Dana Scully, The X-Files
Let’s take a step back and just marvel at Dana Scully. She’s a female FBI agent that deals with some pretty freaking creepy stuff on a daily basis, not to mention her partner Mulder, who can be quite a handful. Many would lose their cool if they were in her position, but Scully is always level-headed, clever, logical and, might we add, quite witty. What a legend!
4. Robin Scherbatsky, How I Met Your Mother
Perhaps Robin isn’t the first character that springs to mind when thinking of inspiring characters, but oh man, she’s a rebel. She’s smart, successful, confident. She knows what she wants and she works hard. She’s downright unapologetic in her beliefs and actions, and it doesn’t matter to her that she doesn’t quite fit the norm. While lot’s of female characters on TV are usually caring and family oriented, Robin was always clear about not wanting kids and focusing on her career. And that’s a valid choice for a woman, and we don’t see it represented as an option enough.
5. Lorelai Gilmore, Gilmore Girls
Where do we even start with Gilmore Girls? That show is so good on so many levels and has so many wonderful female characters it’s hard to pick just one. But let’s talk about Lorelei. She’s such an inspiring character. So clearly she’s not perfect, she got pregnant at 16 and had a kid, but instead of doing what her parents considered to be the right thing and getting married, she chose, or shall we say made, her own path in life. She found a job, and worked her way up to being a boss. She managed to have it all. She raised a wonderful, smart kid, she opened her own Inn and she did it all in style, with a great sense of humor and a big cup of coffee in her hand.

6. Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project
Mindy Lahiri is such a great character. Yes, she can be superficial and very silly, but she’s also smart, beautiful and honest. We love how she’s an all-encompassing character. She’s a successful doctor, and has a great career, but at the same time she struggles with the same things we all do. She can be insecure about some things, but she’s also incredibly confident and proud of who she is. She says the most hilarious, yet the most real things and we love her for it.

7. Leslie Knope, Parks and Rec
Leslie Knope is such a driven character we’re kind of jealous. She has goals and ambitions and she’s working incredibly hard and pulling long hours (with the help of a lot of sugary snacks) in order to achieve them. That kind of determination is truly inspiring. And did we mention she’s incredibly funny? Oh yeah, she’s everything you want in a girl.
8. Liz Lemon, 30 Rock
Liz Lemon is such a trooper. She’s brilliant, she’s funny, she can be quite insecure. She does things her way and she’s not afraid of being weird. She has to deal with so much at work every day that, frankly, we’re surprised she hasn’t gone completely mad. But she’s a professional, and even though she panics and overreacts a lot under pressure, the bottom line is – she gets shit done.

9. Jessica Pearson, Suits
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Jessica Pearson from Suits? That show might be all about guys and their egos, but she’s their boss and she freaking rocks. She’s the boss of a huge law firm, she’s strict, she professional, she gives zero shits and she has a killer wardrobe. Serious lady boss vibes all around.

10. Peggy Olson, Mad Men
Peggy Olson is such a great character. She’s been through so much and every time she manages to pull herself together and achieve great things. She’s a great example of what it’s like to be a woman in a male dominated workplace. But instead of being a secretary she strives to be on par with the men, and boy can she hold her own in an argument. She’s talented, she’s driven, and she demands to be respected.

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