10 Facts About Teyana Taylor You Didn’t Know

April 1, 2017
Kanye West recently came out with a music video for his song “Fade”, and decidedly went with a very specific era. It’s a steamy video that evokes a little ’80s erotica, and a whole lot of Flash Dance. And the star of it all? None other than R&B babe Teyana Taylor, whose got a heavenly voice and a body to match. Mostly the latter is showcased in this video, with the beautiful ingénue doing a very oiled up choreography in an underboob-filled and bootylicious workout get-up. Some of you might be wondering – who is this angelic creature brought to us in this video that makes us want to take a shower after watching it? Well, we put together some must-know facts about the video’s leading lady that are sure to surprise you.
1. She is an amazing Trinidadian and African-American dancer (obviously), and singer from Harlem, New York, who has been on the map since 2011, when she appeared on MTV’s ” My Super Sweet Sixteen”.

2. She was born in 1995 (doesn’t that make you feel old?) and while she has no siblings on her mom’s side, she has more than a few siblings on her dad’s, which she hasn’t been shy or ashamed to talk about.
facts-about-teyana-taylor-you-didnt-know-023. When she appeared on “Super Sweet Sixteen’, it wasn’t as the talent…this gal had an unlimited budget, a museum as her event location, and gets very sassy when her dream indoor skate ramp can’t be built. She was already signed to Pharrell’s label at 16, and so the superstar performed at her bash!

4. But since then, any teen would be lucky to have her perform at their own sweet sixteen. The R&B diva has now written for Usher, Jay Z and Chris Brown, amongst other celebrities.
facts-about-teyana-taylor-you-didnt-know-045. She’s also a dope choreographer – she even choreographed Beyonce’s 2007 “Ring The Alarm” video! Pretty impressive for such a young age. She also taught Bey the chicken noodle soup dance.

6. Her first album “VII” was a #1 chart-topping banger on Billboard’s Top R&B Hip-Hop Awards, and even back then Kanye voiced his love for her. Now she’s signed to G.O.O.D music.
facts-about-teyana-taylor-you-didnt-know-067. But unfortunately this alliance with Chris Brown meant throwing some shade at Riri. Rihanna playfully posted a video of her stylist mocking Teyana’s singing online, and Teyana responded not so tastefully. Oof. This obviously cost Teyana…an expensive sneaker deal with Adidas. The brand said they choose mascots based on values, and “don’t condone violence of any kind”

8. Ever since that exposure, she’s release some fire tracks, her own line of sneakers, and even made her acting debut in Stomp The Yard 2, Brotherly Love, and Madea’s Big Happy Family.
facts-about-teyana-taylor-you-didnt-know-089. She is married to NBA star Iman Shumpert, but only dated him after she curved him at a club when he was a little drunk and trying to get her attention. Eventually they became friends and started dating.

10. Teyana became pregnant with her and Iman’s baby Tayla Shumptert Jr, and they got engaged at their baby shower in 2015. Iman delivered her baby in his bare hands, in the couple’s bathroom, using red headphones to tie the umbilical cord!

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