14 Flawless Celeb Beauties Whose Age Surprised Us

April 1, 2017
Being a celebrity can be a stressful lifestyle, full of paparazzi and pressure. But there are also its upsides – there’s a whole class of celebrities in Hollywood who appear to have discovered the fountain of youth, and look way younger than their actual years. See what stars’ true ages you’ll be baffled by. These stars seriously don’t get older, and their radiance is enviable!
1. Jennifer Lopez, 47
At 47 and a mother of two, Jennifer Lopez looks better than most girls in their twenties. Her body is insane and there’s not a wrinkle in sight – it’s hard to capture a bad angle on this babe. She honestly doesn’t look as though she’s aged a year in decades.
2. Halle Berry, 50
Halle Berry isn’t all beauty and brains – she was diagnosed with diabetes at a young age, and always had to keep an eye on her health. That hyper awareness led to the star taking care of herself more, and resulted in an extremely youthful hottie at age 50

3. Christy Brinkley, 62
The star has her own successful skincare line, and we’re not sure why everyone isn’t buying it – we would if it could result in looking like this at 62! The way this woman looks in a bikini is simply unreal. She claims to not use botox at all, and that smiling is the key to staying young!
4. Elle Macpherson, 52
Elle Macpherson claims to not care about the “numbers on the scales” and focuses on “inspiration, passion, and strength” instead. Ok, but also she must be drinking from the fountain of youth because she still looks like a teenager at age 52. No wonder her nickname is “The Body”!
5. Jennifer Aniston, 47
Jen is and always will be America’s sweetheart – and looking the same as she did in Friends, minus an iconic haircut, also helps us out with that. People throw around a lot of Jen memes, but we think that they’re just jealous they don’t look like this bronze and ageless rom-com queen.

6. Cindy Crawford, 50
Cindy has said that she’s always been conscious about her health and never just expected to have a healthy body. The supermodel seems to defy the laws of aging as she confidently posts makeup-free selfies on IG and effortlessly competes with girls half her age who do the same.
7. Gwen Stefani, 47
We don’t know how Gwen is a mother of three, and still looks the same as her young No Doubt self with that signature crimson lip. The rocker is actually 46 years old! She claims that falling in love and her passion for music has kept her youthful, but we think it might just be good genes.

8. Sandra Bullock, 52
At 52, this celeb literally looks the same as she did in Miss Congeniality. Tell us your secrets, Sandra! She’s always kept it relatively clean and simple over the years, and we hope to think that’s what’s contributed to preserving her flawless look in her fifties. She’s been quoted as saying “real beauty is quiet” and she’s a testament to that!
9. Jane Fonda, 78
Jane Fonda is the oldest on this list, and we bow down to the powers of this woman – she’s 78 years old! You’re probably shaking your head at how well this woman can rock a backless dress. Well, she was a superstar for fitness and aerobics back in the day – guess we could learn a thing or two.
10. Stacey Dash, 49
She has some controversial opinions, but no one can deny that she looks stunning at 49 and hasn’t aged a day since Clueless! The immortal beauty starred with another immortal attractive A-lister, Paul Rudd. They both are holding on to some secret that we’re all dying to know!
11. Salma Hayek, 50
This Mexican-American star has featured in many famous movies – and we have yet to see her actually look her true age, which is 50. She posed topless for Allure just last year, and said it gave her a feeling of freedom. Well, we’re sure it made a lot of fellow 50 year olds a feeling of old age!
12. Lucy Liu, 47
Out of all the Lucy’s Angels, the real Lucy definitely came out on top, in terms of looking young. At 47 years old, her lips, hair and skin are vibrant as ever, not to mention that slammin’ body. She claims to not get facials, and her only splurge is acupuncture, which has proven anti-aging wonders.

13. Sofia Vergara, 44
This “Modern Family” star is the definition of bombshell for many, but what you might not know is that the Latina hottie is actually 44. In her 40’s she was recently dubbed a Covergirl ,which is a pretty nice compliment to get when you’re middle-aged! Also, if we could lock down younger man Joe Manganiello we’d be pretty confident too.
14. Angela Bassett, 58
Angela Bassett is nearing 60, and we wish we had skin as perfect as hers. The old saying, “black don’t crack” has really never been more true than with this beautiful “American Horror Story” star. Her slinky red carpet looks and dazzling smile make us sure that every younger man is drooling over Ms. Basset

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