Lady Gaga’s New Style Is All About Cropped Tops And Shorts

April 2, 2017
The warm weather might be coming to an end, but summer can live on forever in Lady Gaga’s new shorts-and-crop-top revolution that has been served to us with a heavy side of underboob. You can experiment with this look and play around with tights or tall boots, and add jackets – take some of Gaga’s fierce and skin-baring style tips below!
1. In all black and a smirk to match, Lady Gaga’s take on the LBD is amazing. Look at the girl behind her who can’t even digest how good this outfit is. Leather jacket and black denim cut-offs, with round moto glasses and a little skin? Can’t get more NYC than that.

2. This is a more elegant, refined version of the previous look. And bae’s legs look so shiny/flawless here. With a fitted satin top and a blazer draped over her arms, slightly saucy black booty shorts hit right above the navel and create all the right lines. Those glasses with a peek of her arm tattoos is giving us such bad teacher vibes right now. See? Crop tops can be classy!
lady-gagas-new-style-is-all-about-cropped-tops-and-shorts-023. Gaga is so nonchalant in this provocative get-up. Denim underwear that serves up all the fierce thigh is paired with a super-short metallic silver top and a sliver of underboob. Elegant chains of different lengths compliment the trashy-chic look, as does her expertly crafted pony tail.

4. Here, she switches up the look and goes matte for the top, metallic for the bottom. These silver hot pants are have a torn fringe hem that we are obsessed with. She flips her hair as she makes the best case for not ever wearing a bra – that underboob is loud and proud, and we are digging it, even though it might be disastrous in our own lives.
lady-gagas-new-style-is-all-about-cropped-tops-and-shorts-045. Animal print can be a skeptical fashion choice that makes people raise a few eyebrows, but when styled like this, it looks like a contemporary and more edgy take on “Grease”. A simple and slightly oversized white crop top pairs with black denim cutoffs and a casually folded leopard print belt. The underboob stays in its cage for the time being, so this is a great look to try out if you’re on the more demure side, with black tights.

6. Gaga is very dance studio chic in this look, and it looks so comfy, making us years for the beginning days of summer again. A cozy grey exercise bra styled as a crop top is paired with ripped boyfriend shorts that are folded one layer over to mimic a belt and bare some belly button. We love this denim short styling, what are your thoughts?
lady-gagas-new-style-is-all-about-cropped-tops-and-shorts-067. This outfit screams, “Gaga is not here for any of your bullshit!” She looks like she’s just rolled out of bed with this dreamy bleached eyebrow and fresh-out-of-the-sack look. The underboob makes an appearance once again, peeking out of a white underwire bra. Looks slightly uncomfortable, but badass nonetheless. She ops for high-waisted mom shorts and a Working Girl oversized blazer, for a neutral color story that is elegantly X-rated.

8. Lady Gaga is showing her love for the USA with a patriotic leather jacket of an American flag, but we’d like to show our allegiance to her flawless physique in this shot. Converse pairs with a simple matching denim bralette and double-button closure shorts. A way to do denim on denim that is guaranteed to work. It’s a slightly more good girl, weekend at the BBQ type of vibe. We feel like Rachel McAdams might rock this in a movie.
lady-gagas-new-style-is-all-about-cropped-tops-and-shorts-089. She’s decked out in all Wang here – fittingly, as it’s his show that she was attending. She pairs a light fade of denim shorts, high waisted, with a black barcode-printed polo-neck crop top. It pairs perfectly with the slightly long and boxy, blazer-inspired leather jacket.

10. And finally, a look to take you into the Fall. She rocks another underboob look in a shorter-than-ever crop top (this time, hidden inside a bra) with dark, mid-rise jeans and a thin brown belt. Skin-baring glory, adapted for the oncoming cooler months. Take that, autumn!

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