12 Celebrity Transformations That Have Baffled Millions of Fans

April 6, 2017
People change and celebs do this even more often than the rest of us. Whether they simply grow up, change style, lose weight or undergo plastic surgeries, celebs never cease to amaze us with their spectacular transformations. Because they are constantly under spotlight, they feel the urge to change their look, style and even shape of nose and lips. During the last few decades some celebrities have gone through truly unbelievable transformations. Who could have thought that the timid lovely Miley Cyrus would turn into a scandalous pop star? And what about the incredibly buff and yummy Ryan Reynolds who seems to be getting more handsome with each passing year? Here are 12 celeb transformations that have really baffled us.
Gabourey Sidibe
Gabourey Sidibe now looks more gorgeous than ever! She rose to fame not so long ago after starring in the movie ‘Precious’ where she played an overweight abuse victim. Gabourey earned an Oscar nomination for that role, but the media found her weight problem appalling. Gabourey decided to make an effort and lose 50 pounds – and she did it! She now weighs less than 300 pounds and isn’t planning on stopping!

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid is now a famous supermodel. No wonder that media pays special attention to the way she looked back in the day. Many believe that Bella did a nose job, while others think that she has just grown up in a beautiful way. Whatever the reason, Bella now looks absolutely stunning!

Ivanka Trump
We can all appreciate the changes Ivanka Trump has gone through. She used to be a lovely girl, but she has matured into a truly staggering woman! She started modeling in her early teens and later became a fashion designer and a caring wife and mother. She’s a real stunner!
Kylie Jenner 
Kylie Jenner is a reality star that hit it big with the Kardashians. She started as a modest girl, but soon became more famous after posting her super full lips on Instagram. Her account has millions of followers! She admitted that she had lip fillers and many fans believe she has breast implants. Her appearance has changed so much over the last few years!
Justin Bieber
Not many people remember the cute Canadian pop singer that won over the audience with a sweet smile and boyish looks. He was a dream come true for thousands of teenage girls, but Biebs was growing up rapidly and needed a change. He disappeared for a few months and re-emerged completely transformed with a mature look and new songs that became #1 hits. He is now more bulky and all covered in tattoos like a real bad boy!

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian has been through some major changes in her life. After breaking up with Lamar Odom she decided to shed extra weight and was very successful, documenting her each and every step. Fans were shocked by her sudden transformation. She’s proud of her gorgeous body and we applaud her for achieving her goals.

Perez Hilton
Perez Hilton, the ‘Queen of Media’ confessed that he has struggled with his weight all his life. Yet not so long ago he decided to put an end to it and worked hard to slim down and lead a healthier life. His new look is truly amazing and he’s lost over 70 pounds in the course of few years and kept it that way. Now that’s something to be proud of!
Miley Cyrus
Miley’s Hannah Montana look could have stuck with her forever, but that was not what the young star had in mind. After the show finished, Miley Cyrus disappeared for a few months and then shocked everyone with a new short-haired look. She became a fan of daring outfits that cross all possible borders. She’s turned into a real diva!
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj has rocked some pretty scandalous looks over the last few years. Many accuse her of undergoing plastic surgery, but the star has never confirmed doing so. Fans were even more shocked to see Nicki Minaj completely ditch her crazy look and wear elegant dresses that did wonders for her femininity. Nicki is full of surprises!
Jonah Hill
One of the funniest men in Hollywood has had a fair share of his own problems. After starring in the Wolf of Wall Street he decided to get rid of his extra weight and achieved great results. He had to completely change his lifestyle and eating habits, but we can all see what good it did him.

Nicole Richie
The star of the Simple Life had a truly dramatic weight loss back in 2006. She even received special treatment to gain some weight. Nicole then became a healthy and happy star, ditched her fake tan, and developed a truly fashionable boho-inspired style. She looks better than ever!
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds has really changed since his days of Van Wilder. He has become a handsome hunk that stars in cool movies. He now rocks abs and often undresses for underwear modeling campaigns. Ryan admits that he used be really unhealthy but it all changed after his role in Blade: Trinity. He just decided to look super good for the role – and he did!

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