Great Reasons Why You Need To Buy A Strappy Bra This Summer

May 5, 2017

1. When paired with a leather jacket, a strapped or cage bra can look both edgy and feminine. It adds a unique level to a rebellious leather jacket. It can dress up a normal, basic tank and turn it into a chic blouse to layer underneath. Create your own DIY Rih-Rih inspired look with these pieces.
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2. Try pairing your strappy bra with combat boots, too. Like the leather jacket, it will add some badass flare to the lovely lingerie adorning your upper half. Since these pieces are so curve-accentuating and body hugging, try them with slouchy silhouettes on top to create an interesting contrast.

3. The basic tank and the strappy bra create the perfect marriage that elevates all your 5 dollar tanks from H&M to make them look like expensive and classy pieces from more high-end brands. The more cutouts, and the deeper the V (in the front of the tank, or the back), will create a sexy but playful look against the straps, and let you show them off more.

4. Wearing with a simple tee or a halter are also great ideas. Don’t be afraid to play around with prints, too – if you’re normally scared of color, a tie dye tank has a totally different look when paired with a chic cage bra, so try it out! Same with pairing with a simple t-shirt – with straps peeking out, that shirt becomes less girl next door, and more the tease next door. It eliminates the need for accessories – with the lines imitating that of a body chain or necklace.

5. You can also go bold and wear the bra as a shirt on its own! Goodbye crop tops, hello bra tops. Just make sure those tan lines stay in check. Paired with high-waisted shorts, this is an adorable summer look that shows some skin and takes your average bralette-as-a-shirt look to a whole other level.
6. This is a super sexy look that can be taken down a notch by buttoning up the blazer and just allowing a peek into what lies beneath 😉 The juxtaposition of proper looking lapels on a tame, linen blazer next to a bombshell-worthy, 50 Shades Of Gray cage bra is making us feel some things, right now. Perfect for that office to club transition.
7. Choose a strappy bra in your favorite color, and let’s pay some homage to Justin and Britney, back in the day. That’s right – denim on denim is actually a fierce look to style around a bralette. Play with different fades and acid washes, draping the denim jacket like a cape-jacket, a la this babe.

8. The strappier the bra, the more sheer the top! Pair yours with a sheer top and a Peter Pan collar. The harness effect mixed with a peekaboo look is seductive and great when layered with a sweater or leather jacket. The lines and the collar break it up and add complex layers. A great evening look.
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9. All kinds of strappy bras look awesome with a plaid flannel – throwing it back to the grunge era! Tie it around the waist or worn like a light sweater layer, or throw it over the bra, left unbuttoned. Lighter bralettes look great with blues and pastels, whereas the darker ones are vibrant with red flannels and more bold colors.
10. We are obsessed with this look. Rocking an ethereal, tiered babydoll dress and a black bra, this babe looks like she walked out of Goth Alice in Wonderland. Spice up a simple, neutral shift dress with an open back to show off those lovely straps.

11. Playing with the open backs of different tops, when you’re rocking a cage bra, is almost as important as picking a print. How will you choose to show off your look. We love this athletic inspired lounge look on the right – a racer back hits the middle of the bra and almost makes it look like it’s part of the top!
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12. An easy but romantic summer look is a strappy bra with the right skirt. It can look more dressed up with a maxi skirt and a body chain, or more low key with a shorter high-wasited skirt. A pretty cover-up option for the beach that also looks just great if you wear it to drinks after.
13. A strappy bar in its high-fashion look at its finest. Strappy bras with some dramatic cage effect going on in front deserves to have the spotlight all on its own. Paired with a sheer black tee and fur, this proves that you can rock the strappy bra look all season. But what really makes this look is the black belt. A sheer billowing top pulled together by a black leather belt will transform you into the ultimate downtown girl.

14. Rocking the right accessories can make all the difference with how you style your strappy bra. Layered, thin gold necklaces, a handful of gold bangles, and a floppy-brimmed black hat make complete this LA-inspired look.

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