Best Ways To Feel A Little More Confident In A Bathing Suit

May 14, 2017
The beach can bring up a lot of feelings for people – sometimes, the idea of baring yourself in a swimsuit is the most terrifying thing in the world. It dwindles your self-esteem down to zero, at time. So how do we maintain our body confidence and not shrink into the shadows at the each? These tips will help you let your freak flag fly, and show that there are all kinds of definitions of beauty – and you are without a doubt one of them.
1. Become aware of your self-talk and make it more positive. what you say about yourself is what you feel and can have a huge impact on your self esteem. If you have a negative thought about yourself, follow it up with a positive one, every time. If you’re not a fan of your arms, think about your thighs. If you’re not a fan of your thighs, think about how sexy your collarbones and shoulders are.
2. Focus on the part of your appearance you’re crazy about. Be it collarbones, shoulders, legs, lips embrace it. Pick something that emphasizes that feature, and rock it with confidence!
3. Choose a swimsuit for your body type that you feel flatters you. Try a ton of bathing suits until you find one you fall in love with. It’s the year of the one piece – the G-string is so ‘90s. the ’50s and 60s style suits with high-waisted bottoms and a push up top are both sexy and act as Spanx.
4. Or don’t choose something for your body type! Don’t let someone tell you that this is the bathing suit you should wear, because your body looks like this. You can be 200 pounds and still look sexy as hell in a bikini – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

5. Rock sexy and creative cover ups while still staying chic. This will help you move on from being mortified and vulnerable at the beaches, and let you leave out the parts you’re confident about, and play with different looks.

6. Don’t think about whether people are offended by your in a bathing suit. Some group of people is always criticizing another group of people, and in reality, probably just due to their own insecurities and pettiness.

7. Don’t hang out with others that practice negative self talk, and are complainers. If they’re always whining about their own bodies or nitpicking, it can be tempting to join in, Mean Girls style. But hang with friends who are proud and confident, instead, and encourage you to be the same instead of thriving off criticism.

8. Focus on your posture. It’s funny how slimming and statuesque you can become simply from standing up straighter. You’ll look confident and ready to take on the world. Standing up straighter also lets you receive more oxygen, which will make you more energetic.

9. Rock accessories! Not to distract from your body, because it’s stunning, but adding a pair of beautiful espadrilles or wedges with a floppy hat and the right sunglasses will give you a mysterious and complex look. Your legs will look sky high in those heels – just make sure you wear this look to a BBQ or yacht party instead of when you’re going rafting or hiking.

10. Buy a suit that you absolutely love. That doesn’t necessarily mean one that makes you look skinnier. Make sure you find a pattern and color that accentuates your confidence, and makes you feel happy, not constricted.

11. Try your best not to compare, and let go of things you can’t control. No matter how many lunges we do, our booty won’t look like J Lo’s, and that’s ok. There are millions of body types out there. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have an equally stunning asset to focus on!

12. Focus on making your skin have an unbeatable glow – you’ll look and feel irresistible. Go get a tan! Faux or real. Put on SPF and don’t put olive oil on as an enhancer because your skin will just boil in the sun. But having the perfect fake bake or glow will make you look healthy and hydrated no matter what size you are.

13. Eat anti-bloating and anti-inflammatory foods day or two before your beach date. This doesn’t mean diet for a month or starve yourself, but focusing in eating anti-bloat foods like yogurt or bananas will minimize your water weight.

14. There is no one definition of “bikini-ready”; and it might even be a myth. Use this as your mantra. People can tell you to starve or take pilates three times a week, but a bikini body, in reality is every body. Every body deserves to be flaunted – a “bikini body” in the 1800s or 1940’s would look totally different from today, so why join the herd and stay on this year’s trend? Love your body and rock a swimsuit whenever you want, without depriving yourself.

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