Style Hacks For The Woman Who Does It All

August 3, 2017
Life can feel unfair sometimes – we’re supposed to balance everything, and look good while doing it! Who has time to get stylish when we have job interviews, parent-teacher conferences, and supermarket runs to do within unreal time frames? These style hacks will help you look effortlessly good during those busy days, and can be a true lifesaver.
1. Don’t change clothes, change accessories. Avoid carrying around excess bulk in your bag to transform your look from work to after-work drinks. Keep stacked bangles or a statement necklace and slightly sparkly earrings in your bag to easily glam up a look.

2. To avoid wearing heels, but still look chic at a meeting, because busy ladies have tired feet: wear a pair of sleek skinnies and tuck them into elegant high boots to sharpen up a look. A wide-brimmed hat will totally pull it together.

3. If you’re going to a concert after work: add a beanie and a combat boots to dress down a look and rough it up a little.
4. Throw on a oversized leather jacket to add edge to an outfit, and make your legs look slimmer. To break it in more and give it that cool and dirtied up look, wear it in the rain.

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